The Bombay Company

Latin Flavors Marry Indian Spices

Enjoy Good Company Even More When You Combine It With Amazing Food and Drinks 


We Aim to Provide a Wonderful Dining Experience Each and

Every Time 

Indulge in a tasty selection of tapas and other dishes at The Bombay Company in Rocketts Landing, Virginia. Our menu will be a rotating menu, so please check this page regularly to know our monthly offerings and specials.

Handheld Menu

BYOM Burger

Bring Your Own Masala Burger choice of beef/paneer Patty seasoned to perfection with Mexican cheese, topped with salsa, served with house masala fries.


A choice of carne (beef)/chicken/paneer in our house marinate, rolled in naan with rice/beans garnished with house pineapple salsa, served with masala fries

Tapas Monthly Specials

Empanadas Sampler

Five of our samosa doughs stuffed with your choice of filling. Butter chicken, spinach, and cheese, carne (beef) with peppers and onions or chorizo and paneer tikka (Indian cheese with makhni (tomato cream sauce with Indian spices) sauce) served with mint and tamarind chutney.

Butter Chicken French Fries

Crispy fries topped with our famous butter chicken, topped with cheese, and garnished in house pineapple salsa.

Seekh Kebab

Ground beef seasoned with Indian and Spanish spices and grilled and served
with chutney

TBC Dips

Pineapple salsa, guacamole, kachumber salad (small-diced cucumber, onion and tomatoes dressed with lime/lemon and salt/pepper). With
tortilla chips.

Chorizo Bomba Masala

Potato stuffed with Indian fusion chorizo fried crispy and served with

homemade aioli

TBC Breads and Dinner


Naan $2

Traditional Indian flatbread

Garlic Naan $3

Our traditional Naan with garlic her blend

Cheese Naan $4

Traditional Naan stuffed with Mexican cheese


Mango Chutney $2

Sweetened mango preserve, gluten-free

Raita $2

Traditional Indian sauce with house-made yogurt,
cucumber, tomato, and red onion. Gluten-free


Gulab Jamun $5

Warm and soft milk dumplings in a rich syrup


TBC Special Chicken $18

Our house special butter chicken. Tandoori Chicken in an onion and aromatic tomato-based makhni sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala $17

Chicken in aromatic tomato-scented maki sauce finished with fresh ground spices in area sauce GF

Popeyes Paneer $16

Cubes of mild Indian cheese prepared in a spinach stew GF

Aloo Need is Love $15

Florets of cauliflower and tender potato sautéed with tomatoes, ginger, fresh herbs, and garlic GF/Vegan

Goa Your Own Way $19

Tender cubes if lamb in a spicy Goan-style curry, flavored with garlic and vinegar GF/Spicy

Machli Lover $20

Tandoori Salmon with minced fresh garlic, masala, mint,
and methi GF



Bud Light ----- 4.2 ABV ----- $4

Budweiser ----- 5 ABV ----- $4

Yuengling ----- 4.5 ABV ----- $4

Miller Lite ----- 4.2 ABV ----- $4

Coors Light ----- 4.2 ABV ----- $4


Tecate Original 16oz ----- 4.2 ABV ----- $4

Corona Extra ----- 4.5 ABV ----- $5

Corona Light ----- 4.1 ABV ----- $5

PAcifico Can ----- 4.5 ABV ----- $5

Dos Equis ----- 4.7 ABV ----- $5

Modelo Especial ----- 4.4 ABV ----- $5

Modelo Negra ----- 5.4 ABV ----- $6

Presidente ----- 5 ABV ---- $5


Taj Mahal 22oz ----- 4.5 ABV ----- $8

1947 ----- 4.7 ABV ----- $6


Stella Artois ----- 5 ABV ----- $6

Heineken ----- 5 ABV ----- $6

Cider/Hard Seltzer

Angry Orchard Rosé ----- 5.5 ABV ----- $6

White Claw Mango/Grapefruit ----- 5 ABV ----- $5

Truly Rosé ----- 5 ABV ----- $5

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