The Bombay Company

Latin Flavors Marry Indian Spices

A Great Place to Eat and Drink With Family and Friends


Take a Trip to Some of the Most Amazing Countries Through Food and Drinks 

Have a unique flavor experience when you visit The Bombay Company in Rocketts Landing, Virginia. We are a restaurant that serves Indian food and tapas infused with Latin and Indian culture.

Our menu also includes various dishes that change monthly and delicious drinks, such as wine, craft beer, and handcrafted cocktails. Check out our menu by going to the next page.

We are ​proud partners with ​Rocketts Red Glare 2019​

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About Our Company

The Bombay Company is a family-owned business. Our restaurant was inspired by our travels and the different cultures that we have experienced. We are personally invested in this venture, and our dedication and the level of service that we provide are a reflection of that.

Apart from our passion for good food, we like to do charity work. To learn more about us and what we offer, feel free to send us a message by phone or email.

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